• Meat Box by Mepra
    , the perfect set for meat lovers.

    Home steak home
    Thick and juicy steaks – just the thought makes our mouth water. The Meat Box provides you with all you need to cook the steaks you want – Florentine, Argentine, Irish, they will all pass through your kitchen.

    Why meat box is a must
    You cannot cut a six-centimeter T-bone steak as easily as a chicken breast. You would end up torturing it, and this is a shame. The American knives included in the Box effortlessly cut any kind of steak as easily as butter. The steak needs to be eaten still warm, and if you serve it on a standard tray it will cool down quickly. With the soapstone you will not only cook your steak at its best, you will also serve it and keep it warm until it is time to eat it.

    Did you know that...
    While cooking a steak, try removing it from the heat one minute before it's ready. Let it cool down briefly and go through the last minute of cooking. This way, when you serve it on the plate the steak will not lose its blood, preserving its organoleptic properties.

    The box contains: 2 American steak knives, soapstone tray and stand to serve and keep the meat warm  and recipe book.


    MATERIALS: 18/10 stainless steel, soapstone.

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