• Pizza Box by Mepra
    . Crazy about pizza.

    A few dishes agree with everyone like a beautiful, piping, hot pizza. Crunchy, stringy, a simple margherita or with toppings galore, it is the only dish able to fit all tastes. It is a ritual, an excuse to get together with old friends, a quick and inexpensive meal. In other words, any time is the right time to enjoy a delicious pizza.

    Why pizza box is a must
    It's certainly a bother to cut a pizza with knives that are not sharp enough and have an inadequate blade. In this box you will find a set of knives to cut your pizza in perfect triangles or, if you prefer, in many little nibbles, so you will not need to torture it with the wrong tools. Also, why eat it right out of the delivery box because the standard dishes are too small? Thanks to Mepra's mega dishes you can serve pizza at home as if you were in a pizzeria.

    Did you know that... 
    Pizza is unquestionable the meal that guarantees the best nutritional balance. A complete meal that suits any taste and can quickly satisfy even the hungriest kinds.

    The box contains: 6 pizza plates, 6 pizza knives Avanguardia, recipe book: Pizzas and Quiches.


    MATERIALS: 18/10 stainless steel, porcelain.

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