• Spaghetti Box by Mepra
    . All you need to cook spaghetti the Italian way. 

    Made in Italy cuisine is the most regarded in the world, and spaghetti is one of its most recurring symbols in the collective imagination. But even spaghetti are not real spaghetti if they're not eaten al dente, or worst, if they are served overcooked. Nothing is better than a plate of spaghetti cooked “the Italian way”.

    Why spaghetti box is a must
    The pasta cooking set is Mepra's truly effortless and practical idea to always cook spaghetti al dente. It's comprised of a pot that already has a removable pasta drainer inside. In this way spaghetti can be cooked easily without any burns and without having to throw away all the cooking water. In the name of practicality, there is also a spaghetti tongs to allow you to simply serve pasta on the plate without any dripping.

    Did you know that... The pasta cooking set is really helpful when it's difficult to eat all together. All you need is to drain the first lot of spaghetti simply lifting the drainer, while keeping the water at boiling temperature. When someone else is ready to eat, more spaghetti can be put in the water, optimizing the cooking time.

    The box contains: Gourmet pasta cooker set 22CM with lid, spaghetti tongs, Street Cover mat, recipe book: Handmade Pasta.



    Gourmet pasta cooker set: ø 22CM
    lid: ø 22CM
    spaghetti tongs: 21CM (L)

    MATERIALS: 18/10 stainless steel.

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