• Vegetarian Box by Mepra
    . The ideal set for steam cooking vegetables and not only. “Eating vegetables is good for your health.” We all grew up listening to this advice, bet the truth is that vegetables also taste good. There are people who are vegetarian as a lifestyle choice, some others eat only vegetables to lose weight, or some simply want an alternative to their usual menu. For everyone, though, cooking vegetables in the right way and with the proper tools always represents a great satisfaction – creativity and fantasy by the stove.

    Why vegetarian box is a must

    Mepra's steam cooking set is the ideal way to best cook your vegetables, effective and extremely easy to use. The set is comprised of two modular pots and one lid. The first pot is a standard one used to boil the water, while the second one, placed on top of the first one, has a perforated bottom and is where the ingredients are put to cook thanks to the steam released by the water and held by the transparent lid.

    Did you know that... Steam cooking allows vegetables to fully retain their organoleptic properties and vitamins, all essential ingredients of a rich and balanced diet.

    The box includes: Gourmet steam cooker, Gourmet vegetables tongs, Coccola crystal hors d'oevre tray, recipe book: Vegetarian Menus.


    Gourmet steam cooker: ø 22CM
    Gourmet vegetable tongs: 21CM (L)
    Coccola hors d'oevre tray: ø 32CM

    MATERIALS: 18/10 stainless steel, crystal (tray).

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