Zava was founded in 1982 from the creative talent and visionary energy of its owner, Franco Zavarise, who combined his extensive experience in metalworking with a great passion for lighting. Since then, Zava’s story has been one of ongoing achievement, built on strong, deep-rooted values that contribute to its unique manufacturing capacity. Today, the company can be considered a true master of 100% Italian production. Production blends traditional craftsmanship and the latest technology, while the work outlined by the latest-generation machinery is modeled through skilled, irreplaceable manual processing. This combination results in a varied collection of lighting products, whose distinctive features are a focus on design, creativity and great attention to detail. A collection of lamps with a clear-cut personality, whose uniqueness lies in the blend between the hardness, consistency and expressive power of iron and the impalpable lightness of light. Zava is a company with deep roots in traditional manufacturing in the local area and, at the same time, it is fundamentally linked to the values ​​of respect, preservation and care for the unique environment in which the company has developed, the province of Treviso. All this is refected in the factory Zava opened in 2010, a studio built according to the most innovative environmentally-sustainable criteria, ensuring energy saving and self-sufficiency, where priority is given to traditional ancient natural techniques.