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Horizontal Madrepora Sculpture is a table lamp made of Lecce stone, designed and created by the artist Andrea Serra.

Drawing inspiration from the graceful forms of the sea, Madrepora showcases its brilliance through a gentle glow emanating from a warm white LED strip nestled within. Crafted from Lecce stone, a rare material found in select regions of southern Italy, specifically in the province of Lecce, this unique sculpture takes advantage of the stone's origins from ancient marine environments. Abundant with fossils of plants and animals dating back millions of years, Lecce stone provides an ideal medium for intricate detailing and craftsmanship.

True to the distinctive style of Andrea Serra, each and every work, including the captivating Madrepora illuminating sculpture, is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece bearing the artist's signature, meticulously engraved for authenticity and recognition.

Every sculpture by Creazioni Serra is an exclusive piece of art that encapsulates a kaleidoscope of emotions. The artist's inspiration comes not just from nature but from the feelings and emotions that life presents every day. Behind each sculpture lies a unique creative act that immortalizes an emotion, embedding it forever within the stone. Andrea Serra's sculptures are born to mesmerize and stir.


DESIGNER: Andrea Serra

DIMENSIONS: 37CM (W) x 50CM (H) x 10CM (D)

MATERIAL: Lecce Stone


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Meet the maker:

Creazioni Serra

Sculptor and designer, Andrea Serra was born in 1981 in Lecce, Puglia. From a very young age, he was exposed to the world of beauty through his grandfather, a wood sculptor and painter, and his mother, an art teacher. His eyes were nourished daily, and his small hands began to display graceful movements, shaping and sculpting various materials. With overwhelming creativity and a boundless love for sculpture, Andrea achieved significant milestones and experienced small but meaningful satisfactions early on. One such achievement was his first exhibition, where he proudly showcased uniquely crafted stone animals.

Currently, Andrea resides and works in a splendid open-air workshop located in the countryside, allowing him to maintain a constant connection with nature, which serves as his guiding force in creating his works. During his journeys, Andrea Serra becomes captivated by vibrations and unseen lines, which he accentuates in his creations. He allows himself to be carried away by emotions and feelings, finding inspiration untainted by the fast-paced and materialistic world that surrounds us.