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The set of box, board, and playing pieces made of high-quality acrylic crystal offers a sleek and elegant design. The nine different colored tokens provide variety and personalization to the game. The laser-marked game grid enhances the minimalistic style of the object, adding a touch of sophistication to the overall aesthetic.


DIMENSIONS:  Base: 20 x 20CM  th. 12MM - Cross: 5 x 5CM th. 8 MM - Ring: Ø 5CM th. 8MM

MATERIALS: Acrylic Crystal (PMMA)

CLEANING TIPS: Use a soft cloth with glass cleaning products (provided they do not contain alcoholic or abrasive substances). Light scratches can be removed using liquid polish and a soft microfiber cloth.

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Vendor: Vesta
SKU: 04287

Meet the maker:


The passion for the material, the study of light and the “Dolce Vita” cult are the three cornerstones that gave rise to Vesta.
The company gives life to an original lighting and furnishing concept, inspired by the reassuring Latin divinity named Vesta, guardian of the domestic hearth, symbol of peace and prosperity
Vesta has more than 30 years experience in designing and producing acrylic crystal, both for supplies to third parties and for its own production. This continuous interaction with prestigious clients and innovative technologies allowed the company to become a virtuous example in transforming the material into unique design objects.