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Uaigong wall cuckoo clock by Progetti
. Designer Davide Tonizzo tried to create a cultural bridge between two countries with a strong history of craftsmanship: China and Italy. In Mandarin Chinese, Wàigong is the word for maternal grandfather. This clock is a modern revisited version of the floor pendulum clock well-known as the 'grandfather' clock. The red and gold colours which are typical of Chinese tradition blend perfectly with the minimal design which recalls Italian style. Furthermore, the name Uaigong, is the exact spelling of the Italian pronunciation of the Mandarin word.

The battery operated cuckoo movement has a light sensor that automatically turns off the cuckoo sound in the absence of light. A push button allows you to adjust the intensity of sound or turn it off altogether.

Davide Tonizzo

DIMENSIONS: 20CM (W) x 78CM (H) x 12CM (D)

MATERIALS: Painted wood


Red & Gold, White & Black, White & Gold, Black & White, Black & Gold


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