Italy has arguably some of the best beaches in Europe and the world. Incredibly, there are still places that are relatively undiscovered to mass tourism, as well as extremely popular destinations that have been famous for decades if not centuries. From North to South, we take you on a tour of what we think are some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy.




This beautiful beach is surrounded by the pastel colour homes typical of the area and is brought to life by the numerous fishermen’s boats. The best times to visit are early in the morning, at dawn, or later in the evening, during sunset. That’s when you can best take in the full beauty of the bay, relax and enjoy the unique views. A true and cozy sea hamlet in this beautiful corner of Liguria, in the North of Italy.



Considered by many (including the Italian Touring Club) the most beautiful beach in Tuscany, Castiglione della Pescaia is a popular choice of destination for those who want to enjoy beautiful beaches and crystal waters in a historical setting immersed in some of the most beautiful natural reserves in Italy. A true example of sustainable tourism, the area is best explored by bicycle, but there are also trails for those who like hiking or horse riding.



An idyllic corner between Salerno and Amalfi, between two promontories, each with a tower on the top, Torre Cerniola and Torre del Tummolo, as if guarding the quiet of the beach. According to tradition, the name of the beach derives from Hercules, to whom a templewas dedicated on the site. Al around the beach you can admire the small village with hillside houses perfectly framing the surrounding bay.



A small beach overlooked by the San Leonardo rock, this is one of the most peaceful corners of Tropea, a place full of natural beauty and history. Because of its position and difficulty to reach, it is visited only by a handful of people throughout the year, the perfect spot for those who love silence and want to get away from the masses, a corner of paradise on earth with white sand and beautiful sea. 



A small rocky bay located along a coastal stretch that belongs to Porto Selvaggio Natural Reserve in the province of Lecce in Puglia, the heel of Italy that has become one of the main destinations for beach lovers throughout Italy and beyond. A pristine landscape full of lush vegetation. The sea is spectacular, crystal, transparent waters with shades from turquoise to cobalt blue. The sea bottom is also a wonderful discovery, full of beautiful fauna and flora.



A true paradise on earth, with very fine white sand forming soft dunes. Located at the the North-West edge of Sardinia and close to a traditional fisherman village. The colour of the sea takes on wonderful shades, going from blue to turquoise.



A tropical sea with different shades of blue, green and light blue. The beach is mainly made of white little rocks as big as snow flakes. The landscape around is breathtaking, and one of the best spots where to admire the typical Mediterranean maquis. The name of the beach derives from the monk seal, called by the local fishermen mariolu (thief in the local dialect), who used to steal the fish caught by the fishermen. 



A breathtakingly unique place in Arzachena, a small village in the North of Sardinia, this beach is ideal for families thanks to its perfect location away from the winds. The sand is fine and light coloured with shades of grey alternating with massif marble rocks. The whole bay is surrounded by the Mediterranean maquis, which makes the landscape truly unique and spectacular.



Located in the Southern side of the island of Lampedusa, between Sicily and Tunisia, it is considered by many the third most beautiful beach in the world after Baia du Sancho in Brazil and Grace Bay in the Caribbeans. Golden sand, crystal water, an endless variety of sea life and an uncontaminated location are all traits of this paradise in the middle of the Mediterranean sea.



This is one of the post beautiful and famous coves in Favignana, a little island just off the Western coast of Sicily. The crystal sea is framed by rocks of all dimensions and shapes that in time formed little coves only reachable by swimming. A truly enchanting landscape that in 2015 was nominated by many online sites as the most beautiful in Italy. 



The word scala in Italian means steps, used here to describe the natural landscape that has become an icon of Sicilian tourism. Located in the South of Sicily, it owes its uniqueness to the sea and winds that over time have worked the rocks, making them softer and winding. The pure white of the rocks, together with the colours of the sea and sky, creates wonderful colour contrast unique to this little corner of paradise.